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    FOSTER:  Requirements Clarification


      Please provide clarification on the following:


      The child custody csv file contains client data and the contacts csv file contains client data. What trumps what if the client data in the first csv differs from the client data in the 2nd csv?


      If we are to use the contacts csv for the client updates, then I am assuming we would use the most recent contact entry for this purpose. Since this was not specified in the requirements, just wanted to verify.


      Thank you for clarifying,


      Paula Sanchez-Marquise

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          The client data in both csv files comes from the same source, and should therefore be identical.  The Obvibase system is a relational structure and so if a given export is extracting from the Client table, it will pull the same information as any other export extracting from the Client table. 


          If for some reason the values for a given ClientID did NOT match, your idea of using the most recent contact entry is reasonable given Foster Kinship's business rules -- but this should by definition never happen, and you should not have to account for it in your code.

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