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    DevCon - Non-Developers/Product Managers?


      Anyone else attending who is not a developer? I am an in-house product manager for our system and this will be my 3rd year attending DevCon. I find it's great to see how others are using the platform and learn new ways to solve problems. Would be interested in meeting up with anyone else who is in a similar role to learn how you navigate being the liaison between the end-users and the development team.


      See you next week!

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          I think this means you are more of a marketing/sales/business type person for your company.  These discussions tend to be more frequented by the techies than your type of job.  However, just because there are not many responses does not mean there are not a lot of you.  At Devcon, there is the whole Business Track that will be attended by a  lot of people like you and I assume you'll get to do a lot of networking in those sessions.  FYI, Mike Strange is the guy in my company who handles the sales and he's on here occasionally, but not nearly as much as us developers.  His email is Michael@TaylorMadeServices.com and he'll be at Devcon. 

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            Hi Taylor! Thank you for your response. I've never really checked out those sessions because my user base is all internal but based on your advice it might be worth me spending some more time in those sessions than I have in years past. (Thank you!) I guess I should start looking at my internal end users as if they are an outside customer.


            I work for the Bath & Body Works marketing department and we use FM to track all of our marketing from initial request to final output as well as support other functions within the marketing and retail operations departments. I only deal with internal customers (our end users) and am the sole point of contact between our outside development team and end users. It's my job to manage all updates/upgrades/enhancements across the platform and partner with our IT teams as needed to insure that the development team has the support they need to implement our solutions (end user computer upgrades, additional server space etc.). I also handle any training and training materials for our users.



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              Hello rblaho,


              You have a very interesting job.


              I work as an in-house developer and I also work with private clients. I consider my in-house users as a flavour of client. It benefits my users and me to have that service-oriented, relationship-building attitude.


              If you see my name on my badge at DevCon, please say hello. I'd like to chat about our shared challenges.


              Best wishes,


              Beatrice Beaubien

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                Thank you Beatrice! I will be sure to look for you.

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                  We (Soliant Consulting) typically also have a few of our Project Managers attend devcon...