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perform script on server: import from self

Question asked by William-Porter on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by user19752

Not sure whether I'm doing something wrong or missing something. Hope somebody can set me straight.


Got a file on server. As a matter of weekly routine, this file needs to duplicate about 1000 records and then make some minor adjustments to them (like adding 7 to a date field, that sort of thing).


I can think of a bunch of ways to skin this cat. Right now, I'm trying to duplicate the 1000 records by doing an import within the file itself. Well, actually, it's two imports. Table can't import into itself. So if the primary data table is called MYDATA, script has to do something like this:


  • Find the records in MYDATA
  • Go to layout based on table TEMP and import from MYDATA
  • Go back to MYDATA and import from TEMP


And in fact, it works, great. Unless I try to run that script using Perform Script on Server.  Does an import-into-same-file script step simply not work within a script called by the PSoS step?  If it works, can you tell what I might be missing?


Will Porter


(This is all FileMaker 15 although I doubt that matters.)