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    FileMaker 11 parent table


      Good Morning, I inherited FileMaker 11 and I need to add data to the parent table.  Unfortunately I cannot seem to find it.  Any ideas?

      Thank you

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          Thank you for your post!


          If you need to move existing data from another source into the FileMaker table you might see Importing data into an existing FileMaker Pro file. Otherwise, you would need fields on a layout for the "Parent Table" or on layout based on a Table related to the "Parent Table". If you aren't familiar with layouts, tables and getting around FileMaker Pro, you might see the FileMaker Pro 11 Tutorial found in the Product Documentation Archive.


          Also, I am going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space, which is specifically for input on the Community itself, to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more advice!



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