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    Default Printers


      Can someone please tell me how I can achieve current record in a script without having a default printer or defaulting to the user's default printer?

      The script automatically defaults to my default printer but I have users on several floors that print the same thing. Also, they are printing a packet of different forms so choosing their printer is not really practical in my opinion because they would have to hit their printer and print at least 10 times or more for each form.

      Any ideas to get the current record and default to the USER's default printer and not mine?

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          I don't know if this helps or not but I found GET(PrinterName).  It returns text identifying the default printer name.  I've not used it and don't know if it returns the servers info or the users info or what.


          The File.Print Setup and the File.Print steps have a check box that force the Print dialog to open so the users can choose what printer to use...


          I hope this helps.

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            That doesn't really help me since I can't put GET(PrinterName) within the print step. Thank you though! I have it to where the user can choose their printer right now, however, they have to choose their printer 6 times and hit print since they are printing a packet of different forms. It seems unnecessary to have them choose their printer that many times and select print which is why I am trying to find a way for it to default to the user's default printer instead of mine when I created the script.

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              Have you tried a script that has just the "Print Setup" step in it and is only run from its own button "Select Printer"?

              And Script that only uses the Print step, without the "Print Setup" step in it?

              or "Print Setup" from the File menu with the file open?

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                It is a common frustration.  I have two quick suggestions:

                - there are plugins available, I believe that let you manage printers from within FM.  I haven't used them, but others will have.

                - try setting the 'Print' and 'Print Setup' script steps on your computer and choose a printer that no-one else has.  (You could temporarily install a pdf writer, for example, like doPDF).

                - as their computers will not be able to find the 'learned' printer I think the script may offer the default printer.

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                  Thank you all for your responses. I actually received a solution while attending the Filemaker DevCon 2016. I was able to use the Get(printername) script step to solve this issue after all. I basically checked to see if a printer name = PrinterName then print to that PrinterName, if it did not equal any of the printers in the nested if, print to a general printer used by the office. Thanks!