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Get(UserCount) & Application Crashes

Question asked by smith7180 on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by jormond

I would like to user Get(UserCount) to restrict the number of connections to a file hosted remotely on Filemaker Server.  I have two questions:


  • First Question: I'm considered about Get(UserCount) in relation to application crashes.  Consider the following scenario:
    1. A client is restricted to 5 users by a simple If Get(UserCount) > 5 Then Close Application step in the opening script.

    2. 5 clients are currently connected
    3. One client's application crashes or is force quit.  The application could be Filemaker Pro, Filemaker Go, or Filemaker Pro for User Connections (Web Direct will not be used).
    4. The client immediately opens up their application and attempts to connect to the server
    5. Will the Get(UserCount) step fail on account of the previous (crashed) session still being counted?  In other words is there the possibility of a "ghost session" since Server and Client did not properly terminate their session?


  • Second Question: Can a script identify if the file is opened from Filemaker for User Connections (as opposed to Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Pro Advanced)?