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    Difference between Save as PDF executed from "Files" and the script step


      Hi all,
      I'm trying to save a layout to a sharepoint location using a script, generating a rather complicated varying filepath..
      I got stuck with the dreaded error: 800, there are plenty discussions on that error showing up while trying to create a PDF with some great ideas,  so I looked for the reason behind this.
      To see the file path I stored the path in a field to be able to see and play with it.


      1.) I tried to save a locally stored PDF using the generated file path, cut and paste just to be really sure  >  that worked great, confirmed via sharepoint
      2.) I went back to FileMaker, selected the layout I want to save and using the File command Save/Send Records as PDF pasting the File name into the box.  >   it also worked, I confirmed it in sharepoint (and yes I had the first test file deleted)
      3.) I went back to the script, a really simple one:
      Set Variable [$file; Value: "https://.....

      Save Records as PDF [Restore; $file ....

      Welcome to error: 800a


      I am probably just plain stupid, but I can't figure out what is the difference between 2.) and 3.)






      anyone having an idea?
      Thanks   Klaus