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    Need auto enter calculated value


      Hi all!

      I need help with the following example:

      I have a table with an "Item" field and an "Item #" field but the "Item #" field is just a starting # for the "Item"



      Apple  1

      Orange 51

      So, in another table I have the same 2 fields but when I enter an Item # within the Item range, I need the Item to auto enter. The range for Apple would be 1 thru 50. The Item #s are a variable. (So if Orange was 100, the range for Apple would be 1 thru 99.)

      So if I enter 7 as an Item #, the "Item" field will auto enter "Apple

      If I enter 51 or >, the "Item" field will auto enter "Orange"


      Item # 1=Apple

      Item # 7=Apple

      Item # 51=Orange

      Item # 367=Orange

      Hope this makes sense!


      This was pretty easy for me to do in Excel but I'm a novice with FMP and I'm stumped.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!