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Suggestions for FTP solutions with FileMaker?

Question asked by Magnus Fransson on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by fmpdude

Hi All,


I don't seem to get around asking it here.


First though: I have done some research on my own. But all suggestions I found had some drawbacks. Therefor I would like your help.


The suggestions I found:

MOOPLUG - Has not been updated since 24th July 2010. - Only works on Windows.

ACME NetTools - Are a "FileMaker Pro v4/5/6/7 Plugin".

CNS FTPit Pro - According to their  "Compatibility Chart" it is not 64bit yet. (If they manage to update it, it seems as the best candidate so far.)

360Works FTPeek - Is depending on Java 1.6 (maybe 32 bit?) and halts FileMaker without it. As far as I have been told you shall never run old Java due to security vulnerabilities.

MBS - ...actually, it does not have any of the "flaws" above. It is a virtual workshop, full of tools. The problem is, there is only a budget for a small toolbox. And since it uses CURL there is a second layer of "abstraction" to get through to learn how to use it.


What I aim to do is to send a copy of our price list and availability, as a file, over FTP, to a selection of customers every night. The list of customers and all information on the FTP-servers rests in the same FileMaker solution as stock and prices.


I am already exporting the file and sending it by e-mail every night.


Apart from the above, do you have any suggestions for a robust and future-proof method to do it?


Short facts:

FMS: 14 (Plan to upgrade to 15 soon)

Server: MS Windows 8 Enterprise, Version 6.2.9200 build 9200

Development on:

FMPA 14 (soon 15) 64 bit

Mac OS X 10.10.5 (14F1808)


Beneficial is, if it is working on both platforms for development and testing purposes.


With best regards Magnus Fransson.