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DevCon 2016 - worth attending for a newbie?

Question asked by TonyDehnke on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2016 by TonyDehnke

Hi, I am wanting to learn Filemaker to make (or better understand) making solutions for my business, and possibly my industry (Car Audio).  I don't have any programming experience, or experience with database building etc.


I'm wondering if it is worth attending the Filemaker Developer Conference next week in Las Vegas?   Would your recommend someone brand new attend, or is it too much too fast?


As well, There are 2 sign up options - one for $200 for 1 day, and a $2100 package. if you only sign up for the one day, are their fees for attending the rest of the classes etc offered, I can't see a pricing option for anything like that. So for those of you who have attended before, I'd love to know how the conference works.


Thank you!