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    FileMaker 15 login from server irregularity


      I have a database hosted on a FileMaker 14 server. When I open that database using FileMaker 14 Pro advanced,, I am asked for a password (a condition I want because username is involved in  setting the environment for the user).  I recently downloaded FileMaker Pro advanced 15. if I use that version of the software to try to access the same database on the same server, no password is requested.


      The server  has accounts set up by my institution, but the same accounts serve the hosted database and the only differences whether or not I am opening the file from FileMaker advanced version 14 or FileMaker advanced version 15. I can't seem to find any solution to this problem. Does anybody have a solution? Thanks,

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          It sounds as though "Save Password in Credentials Manager"(/Keychain) has been ticked in the opening login dialogue in FM15. (although I thought that it would rember this across versions?!!)


          To revert this. press Shift when opening the file if windows or the Option key if OS.


          You will then get your login in dialogue back and make sure not to check the 'Save Password' option.

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            Thanks so much for responding. Holding down the shift key certainly worked to get me the opening window. I couldn't find a "save password" on that window, but did check the file options while the file was opened in FileMaker 15 advanced.. There was no instruction to save the password in credential manager.  Figure below. Am I missing something?


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              No, your not missing anything:


              Because 'Allow Credential Manager" is not set in File Options, then the 'Save Password in Credentials Manager' will not be shown as an option on the login dialogue.


              Is all now working as should be, or when you open the file in FM15 (without pressing shift) does it still auto login?  If ti does, then it may also be worthwhile checking that there is no active 'Guest' account in File>Manage>Security or any other account without a password set.

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                Alas, no. I suppose I could try to update the server to FileMaker 15, but I'm a little leery to do that since I was testing the FileMaker 15 advanced on my own machine to see how it would respond before installing it on machines of my clients. If I updated the server, and everybody was seeing the wrong layouts and such, I'd have a real sticky wicket. If you have any other ideas, I'd appreciate it, but otherwise thanks so much for the help.

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                  Found the problem. There was a institutional network account activated on one of my files that recognized my computer and was granting access through that account. I inactivated that second account and the login window reappeared. However, what is still not clear is why the same settings produced a login window in FileMaker 14 advanced, but not in FileMaker 15 advanced when the server is running FileMaker 14 server software. I wonder if FileMaker 15 handles logins differently than FileMaker 14.