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Filemaker Go 14 Reauthenticate issues with network change

Question asked by bjones181 on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by schamblee

Hello everyone,


A quick background of our setup... We are hosting two databases that work together for their own purposes. Database 1 (Operations database) and Database 2 (Sales Database), are both used at the same time and when one is changed, that change is reflected in the other. Database 1 is solely used by ops and billing folks with PRO, and Database 2 is used by our sales consultants with GO.


The problem, when sales reps using GO attempt to reconnect to the database using a launcher or straight from the hosts menu, they are sometimes given an error saying they are unable to login to the file path. This error with a combination of the spinning wheel for a few minutes while trying to login makes me think that we have a problem with our login script. What seems to help the situation is having the reps make sure they logout always, instead of simply touching the home button on the iPhone or iPad.


These problems seem to always happen when the rep has switched Wifi locations or switched from Wifi to Celluar connection.


It seems as though when we automatically log a rep out, their session hasn't completely ended. I say this because we have a log recorder that records every time someone logs in and the device that they used to do it with the script open duration and so on. What I have figured out is that when a user doesn't logout completely, a new record in the log is not created to show them resigning in after they have been automatically signed off due to inactivity. Is it possible that the when the user try's to log back in after they haven't signed out Filemaker will attempt to reconnect to the last way it had connected and if that isn't available it will be caught in a loop? Maybe having a second database adds to the confusions of this?


If there was a way to absolutely close the user session instead of being able to relogin, we would prefer that, while I'm sure a majority would feel the opposite. But, I have to think that those users are also switching connections and this same problem would still come up for them... Maybe its a bug..?


Any help or advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I am not the developer, but, I have some knowledge on how the system works so please take it easy on me...


Thanks in advance!