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schedule system script - "missing script or non valid"

Question asked by melastudio on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by melastudio

FileMaker Pro server 15.0.1

os x Yosemite

MacPro Late 2013 64Gb RAM


Hello. In order to make sure the FSE is alway active I'd like su run a system script every xx minute that starts se FSE

(when it will work I'll check if it is inactive in order to avoid the error 10006 (service already running)


The command is

fmsadmin start fmse


from terminal all ok.

A made a .sh file an put into it the command. Saved in the script folder (privileges are OK) and made the schedule.

From terminal I tried to execute the file and it runs; I tried also with fmserver login;


But running the schedule I get an error: "missing script or non valid".

I've involved a colleague more familiar than me with OS X, terminal and so on but the error still remains...