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Calculation for Dates within portal conflict

Question asked by tomperr on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by tomperr

I have field dependencies set up where dates trigger calculations of other dates based on the relationships.  In an effort to keep this simple, I have an if statement calculation similar and saying:


if (Sched::Identity = "Blue" ; ProjX::StartDate (this line works flawlessly)

;  SchedD::EndDate + Phase::Days)


Thru a dropdown/script trigger, the portal will show 1 "Blue", "Green", "Red", all under 1 project (1 common fk).

"Green" uses dates from the "Blue" record and "Red" uses dates from the "Green" record in the calculation.

The problem is when another project is created, there will be another "Blue", "Green", "Red".

In the 2nd project added, the "Green" is now using dates from the "Red" in project 1 rather than project 2 as it should. 

The same with "Red" from project 1 using dates from project 2.


How could I write a calculation that keeps the colors looking for dates only within the same project?  All color fields have a common fk that ties to the project table pk.