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Managing mail reports with FM

Question asked by JonasGysin on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by JonasGysin

Hi all,
I just had an idea and was wondering if this could be done easily with fm.
I get dozens of automatic e-mail reports daily (backup tasks, device health, status etc.) and I thought that it would be quite neat to build a small FM solution to check all these reports automatically.

The data in the mail could be easily parsed to evaluate given parameters.

But here's the catch: How can you get these mails into FM without having to do it manually?


Are there ways (without expensive plugins) either to download mail directly to FM or to pass the mail from apple mail, outlook or something like that?

I'm thinking about maybe a way with applescript, a free plugin, e-mail client or provider who would export to xml or something like that?


I have FMPA, FMS and mainly work on mac.