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    Get ID show Name Portal row


      Ive done this several times but i'm missing something on this.


      i've set up a portal with two field on top of each other, so i can populate the portal with id so the related records show in the portal row.


      I have the relationship set up.


      The layouts on the right are the PK_BolIdJoin table.


      The field circled in red is the description id from the PK_BolIdJoin table. it has a drop box set up to give the id, but show the name in second filed.


      The field circled in blue is the description name from the description table.


      When i hit the box i get the drop down and can select a name and it populates it.


      When i go to the second portal row, and select the drop down i get a description but when i select it, it populates the 1st portal row not a second portal row.



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          I've seen this before. Try the following test to confirm my diagnosis:


          Enter layout mode. select just the portal object, not any objects in the portal row and move it a short distance. Do both fields move when you move the portal? My guess is that at least one will not move with the portal. In my personal jargon, that means that the field is not "owned" by the enclosing portal object. To fix, drag the field away from the portal, release the mouse button and then drag it back, being careful not to let go unless the object you are dragging is fully inside the borders of the top portal row. Test by moving the portal to confirm that it now "owns" the object you just dragged. You can resize the field or other object to be extra small before you drag it and then use the inspector to alter it's position and precise position within the portal row once you are sure that it is now "owned" by the portal.


          This "gotcha" has happened to me in the past when I placed an object outside of the portal and then used the inspector's alignment tools to move it into position inside the portal row. This puts the object where you want it, but the portal fails to take ownership of it. Thus, you have to drag the object into a rough approximation of where you want it and then use the inspector to fine tune its final position.


          I will note that this quirk has on occasion, been a useful way to place an object such that it appears to be part of the portal, but really isn't.