FM 14 Manage Database Field Auto-Enter Current Date

Discussion created by msbertrand on Jul 15, 2016

Using databases hosted on FM Server 14, client connecting using FileMaker Pro 14 - Server is MacMini, user are on Windows.


New issue, upon creation of a new record I have a date field 'creation_date' which is set with 'auto-enter current date' check box 'checked'.


In many instance the date is set with 'previous day'.  My system as a 'compare user system date with host date' and if not equal, end session.  This is to prevent user with incorrect date to create records and storing wrong date.


I changed the field configuration from 'auto-enter current date' to 'auto-enter calculated value - get(host timestamp) in a date field, I had the same issue.  Yet, I also have a log upon creation of record and it stores in a separate table rec number, user, creation date and time.  The log is also using 'date field set with auto-enter current date', no issue. 


The 'creation date' is not modifiable in any layout ever.  Also no process (or script) ever change the creation date.


Any idea on what could cause this?


The attached show both records, in this case it works.