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suspected bug Round function - numbers ending in zero not rounded

Question asked by Jax on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2016 by greatgrey

I use a formula to round a number to 1 decimal point and put brackets around it before plugging it into a text document. This works fine for most numbers but it fails for numbers ending in zero. They are instead returned by the function without any decimal, 1 nothing instead of 1.0. That's a bug as far as I can see. If I specify 1 decimal point and get none from the function, I consider the code broken.


input:      numbers with variable decimal points, e.g. 2.345 and 1.0

formula:    "(" & Round ( final grade ; 1 ) & ")"

output:     2.3   and  1

expected:   2.3   and  1.0


How can I work around this?