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Remote Authentication Issue

Question asked by twelvetens on Jul 15, 2016
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I've got a FMServer v14.04 instance running. Authentication to this box has always worked fine, but today I hit an error when logging in with the same user account and password that I always use.


I logged in remotely to the site, and logged in from a install of Filemaker Pro (FMP14.0.4) on the local network using the same credentials, and it logged in fine. When I log in from outside the WAN using FMPA (v15.0.1) I get an auth error.


Looking at the logs in Filemaker Server, it would appear that these authentication attempts from outside the WAN are getting some kind of character mis-match by the time they get to the server - see screenshot below, where after 'using' I'd expect to see the account name I'm trying to authenticate with, and instead I'm seeing a range of weird characters instead...


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 16.15.22.png



Any ideas?