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    print single record


      Admittedly a noob to fm and in the process of self-training. Can't seem to find a way to print a single record.  Attached image of my layout. Attached image of what it looks like when I print it. It seems to only give me a portion of the page. Help??


      I'd like to print a single page report instead of using print-screen every time I want to print a record. Basically a one page report for a single record. I tried setting up a new report but this seems to default to a statistics report which is not what I need.  I'd like to print a single page report that looks similar to the data entry form I am using here.  If possible, I'd like to set up the report to only print specific fields (about half of the existing fields)  and rearrange them for continuity on a single page report.


      EDIT for clarity: only the top left portion of the layout will print.  Need to print the whole layout as is, or a way to create a report that will print whole layout.




      Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.55.25 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.55.42 AM.png

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          On the Print dialog, you can select RECORDS BEING BROWSED or CURRENT RECORD. 

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            Thank you. I tried, but it still only prints the top left portion of page. See images attached above. The 2nd image shows an example of how the page actually prints.

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              In Layout Mode check the lines for page breaks. In the second image is this portion filling your entire printed page? If so the layout is simply to big to print on a single page.

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                If you go into layout mode and select View: Page Margins you will get a better idea of what '1 page' looks like. I suspect your layout is designed more for inputting/visualizing your data rather than printing.


                You may want to consider designing a layout specifically for printing that has what you need and then add a scripted 'Print' button that can take you there with the option to print 1 page or all the pages you currently have in a found set. The possibilities are endless - as will be the responses on how to do it!


                If you haven't looked at the FMP Basic Training  series that might be a good start. Look under  Resources at the top of this page to get started.

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                  That makes sense.


                  Is there a way to create a separate print-only report? I don't necessarily need all the fields on the printed report, maybe only half of the fields are necessary in a printed report.


                  Would I just need to create a new layout with only fields I want to print, use a different layout, and print from that? Or do I need to create a whole new solution using this data?

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                    MaxEh  -

                    Thank you. I think you posted as I was prepping my "separate print-only report" question at 1:19 to RickWhitelaw.

                    I'll try your suggestions and check out the FMP training series here.


                    Thanks all!! OF course, any other tips are welcome : )

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                      Since your layout is bigger than a printed page you could use the Scale in the Page Setup to reduce the size of the print by a specified percent.

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                        I am not sure how much of a 'noob' you are but to answer your previous reply ' ,,, is there a way ..." more than one!!

                        This is actually a very good way to learn about scripting and adding functionality to your database.


                        Start by creating a new layout for printing only. Once that is set up  you can create a script that just takes you there, when that part works add a button called Print(?) to your original/main layout and attach the script described above to the button. When that all works add script steps to view it, then print it, then return to your original layout after printing Not sure if you have Pro Advanced or not - it makes development easier.


                        Take a look at the beginner files and see how they have done things for printing, navigation, etc. with FMPA you can copy and paste whole scripts into you data base but not with FMP - those you'd have to print out  (or dual screen / large screen) and then input yourself which may not be a bad thing at least initially when learning.


                        The first script step is as easy as: Go To Layout [ your layout name ]


                        Explore and have fun!