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FMS 15 Bug with unstored calculation field

Question asked by MattMatthews on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by TSGal

Product and version: FMS15.0.1.137 and FileMaker Pro Adv

OS and version: Win Server 2012

Description: I just upgraded to FMS 15 from FMS 14 and found an issue with a report that uses an ustored calculation field.  When running this report from the sever hosted file the find query/script does not work.  If I download the same file and run it on straight from FM Pro Adv (no hosted by the Server) then the query/script works correctly as always and before with FMS14.  I tested with the field being a 'stored' value an it works on FMS15 however I need this to be unstored to capture the latest status.


The calculation field uses Execute SQL as well to find the value.  Again this worked on FMS14 and still works on a non hosted files but not when hosted with FMS15.  This is the SQL:

ExecuteSQL ( "select a.stage

from ProcessTracking a, Stages b

where a.stage = b.stage

and a.QBInvoice=?

and b.sort =

   (select Max(b2.sort) from ProcessTracking a2, Stages b2 where b2.stage = a2.stage and a2.QBInvoice=?)" ; "" ; ""  ; QBInvoice; QBInvoice )


Workaround (if any): None really because if I make this a stored value but then the status 'stage' will not be updated.


Please let me know if anyone has seen this issue, has a fix or workaround?