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Click in a field, trigger a script, but don't type in it

Question asked by JohnGagne on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by yomango

Hi, thank you in advance.


I want a user to click in any repetition of a repeating field, triggering a script trigger (which uses the ActiveRepNumber as an index for other repeating fields).  The script trigger sets an 'X" in the repetition to indicate its selection to the user.


It works great; but, it leaves you in the field where someone could type anything in the field, rather than the 'X," which the user can uncheck.


To move the user off the field, I utilized a GO TO FIELD script command without specifying a field, which works, but it POPS a little.


(Specifying a repeating field as a button does not seem to work.)


If there isn't another way to prevent typing in the field, I may have to perform some additional scripting to clean up the input if I remove  the GO TO FIELD command allowing someone to then alter my "X" value.


Any thoughts?


I cant go to DEVCON.  I hope everyone who does go will have a great time!!  Take Care