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Table definitions statements?

Question asked by robert-42it on Jul 16, 2016
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I am just getting started doing my first project in FMP using FMP advanced 15 and I am finding creating tables using the GUI tedious and somewhat error prone.


Is there a method to create (and import) table definitions like you would do for SQL?


A MySQL table creation statement example.


CREATE TABLE customers (

  customer_id           INT            PRIMARY KEY   AUTO_INCREMENT,

  email_address         VARCHAR(255)   NOT NULL      UNIQUE,

  password              VARCHAR(60)    NOT NULL,

  first_name            VARCHAR(60)    NOT NULL,

  last_name             VARCHAR(60)    NOT NULL,

  shipping_address_id   INT                          DEFAULT NULL,

  billing_address_id    INT                          DEFAULT NULL



I looked at the database design reports, both HTML and XML, but that didn't seem to yield anything really useful.

I guess I could create tables by creating a csv file with column names and import that to create basic tables, but I wouldn't get column definitions/attributes.


I am sure this will be the first of many questions as I delve into this interesting solution.

Thank you