Applescript & El Capitan

Discussion created by EricBrown on Jul 15, 2016

I was working with a client recently and came across an issue with FM 14 on a mac that was recently upgraded to El Capitan.


The client heavily relies on Applescript to interact between FM and another application. After updating the other application and his OS to El Cap, we started testing his scripting and the revisions continued to fail. Digging deeper, we realized that the Applescripts written within FM were updating, but the Applescript changes being referenced in his external Applescript subroutine file were not recognized by FM. When we closed FM and re-opened, the external script changes would be recognized by FM. We tested with a "flush cache to disk" step in the FM scripting with no change, we still had to close FM and re-open the solution to get the external script changes to be read. This was not a problem with previous OS versions.