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    Center: Some setup questions


      Hi July,


      I have some questions about the setup and network of the Center.


      FileMaker Server

      - Where will the FileMaker Server be located?

      - If internally, can it be reached from outside?

      - Can it be reach on all FileMaker and web ports?

      - What is the setup of the machine?


      Desktop Clients

      - On which operating system runs the FileMaker Pro 15 client?

      - What is the screen resolution of the desktop machines?



      - In the document you specify tablets as general, and later on as iPads. Will it be iPads only?

      - If not, what other tablet devices are used by the center? And which browsers are on the tablets?


      Mobile Phones

      - Which mobile phones are used at the center?



      - When will you depend on the "cellular network"? Is this only for event outside the center?

      - Will staff members also work from home?


      Thanks in advance,




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          This being a FileMaker challenge, we have assumed iPad whenever "tablet" is used, since we'll aim to use FileMaker Go.  The Center plans to acquire a couple of iPads for this new application.


          We have no specific knowledge of The Center's network or devices. Aim for something that could be used on any device of reasonable modernity (ie, you don't need to aim for a flip phone or 20 year old computers).   They do not have a FM Server yet, so specifics for it cannot be provided.


          Within The Center's building, assume wi-fi connectivity.  Outside the building, assume mobile network, but we cannot specify what network or what specific locations (home, outreach sites, etc) people will try to work from.

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