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    Layout body is not expanding (Auto resize)


      Hello all,


      How can I make my layout body expand when I maximize my window?

      I've noticed that my layout is not expanding when I maximize my window.



      Thank you.

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          Layouts don't automatically expand when the window maximizes.  You can use the zoom option to magnify the layout.  In the Inspector you can apply anchors to layout objects that can move or expand objects.  Another option is to use multiple layouts  

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            Hi thong127, As gordon said the layout don't expand unless there is autosizing object on the layout. If you want to body part to be expanded place the layout object with autosizing anchor on bottom and right side on the body part.


            1. Switch to the layout mode (command+L).

            2. Create a rectangle object at the lower right corner of body part.

                 - If you want header, or footer part expand then placing an object on their part

                 - You can place the object outside of explicit layout width to hide the object in Browse mode

            3. Open Inspector (command+I) and switch to Position panel (command+1).

            4. Under Autosizing pane, remove top/left anchor and apply bottom/right anchor on the rectangle object.

            5. Switch back to browse mode (command+B), and resize the document window taller.


            Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 6.10.27 AM.png

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              You probably want individual items in the body to expand as well.

              If you set an item as above with a top lock and a bottom lock, then it will enlarge as the window size grows.

              A  field will show more lines, a portal will show more rows.