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Record Sorting in Filemaker Pro 15

Question asked by RodrigoPerez_1 on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by RodrigoPerez_1

I ran across a minor issue with record sorting and am wondering if it is a change in functionality in FileMaker Pro 15 for Windows or some sort of bug.


I came across a  tutorial, which appears to be two to three years old, from Guy Stevens that shows how to use FileMaker Pro by creating a Contacts database.  In it, he sets up a tab with a portal in it for tasks and the portal  is set up to sort by the field creation date.  I watched the tutorial and followed along creating the Contacts database on my computer, but it is behaving slightly differently than his.


In Guy's demo, if he changes the creation date in the tasks tab portal, as soon as he exits the field, if the date that he's entered is out of sequence, it immediately sorts into the correct order.  In my database, it does not.  The only time that it will re-sort the portal is if I change to a different record and then come back to the previously altered record.  Then the portal is displayed in the proper sequence.  So, I'm  wondering if this is a change in behavior by design, a setting that I've missed somewhere, or a bug.  I'd appreciate any responses that might shed some light on the subject.