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How to continue using Filemaker 11 database.

Question asked by tusdin on Jul 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2016 by schamblee

I purchased a Filemaker database (gMouse, written by Daniel Tyreus) to manage our transgenic mouse colony quite some time ago. It works well and we are happy with it. It is running on Filemaker 11 Server, and we access it over our network from several Mac's that run Filemaker 11. The problem is that we are under strong pressure from our IT group to update the operating systems on our Macs, to systems that do not support Filemaker 11. It is not practical for us to move the database from Filemaker 11 to a current version of Filemaker.


I think we can keep running the server on an old OS but I would like to find a way to access the database from computers that run current operating systems. I am hoping that this might be possible from a virtual Windows or Mac OS using Parallels or something similar.