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Help with an SQL statement

Question asked by user22862 on Jul 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2016 by Andy Hibbs

Hey Guys,


I have not practiced SQL, pretty much at all, past one or two brief walk throughs, and I'm having difficulty with what I feel is likely a very simple one.


Goal is to provide a field that gives the total amount of labor on an invoice.


Invoices have a number of invoice line items. If the item is labor, the record has a 1 in the field "isLabor". Otherwise its blank.


Here is what I have evolved my attempt into, but still getting the unwelcome "?" in the result.


ExecuteSQL ( 




SELECT SUM ExtendedPrice

FROM INL_Invoices_Line_Items

WHERE id_invoice = ?

isLabor = ?


;"" ; ID_Invoice ; 1 )



####    Table Names:





Primary Key in Invoices is: ID_Invoice

foreign Key in INL_Invoice_Line_Items is: id_invoice