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Field filtering

Question asked by disabled_MikeSprunger on Jul 17, 2016

I'm a newbie so thanks in advance for your patience.


I have a simple three field file. The first field is an index field (numeric, non-repeating), a second field called Vertical and a third field called SubVertical. I have these fields on a layout, the index field is simply displayed in an edit box. The Vertical and SubVertival fields are each associated with a drop down list control. What I am attempting to do is use the selection for the Vertical drop down as a filter for the SubVertical field. For example, the user would select the Vertical entry of "Transportation" and the the fields for SubVertical should be limited to the values of "Airline", "Train", "Ship". Once the user selects "Train" from the list, that value is stored in another table.


I have been able to do this in MS Access by defining a query that used the Vertical selection as the criteria for selecting records. Then attaching the result of the query as the data source to the drop down. Just can't seem to figure out how this would be done in FileMaker.


Using FileMaker 14 Pro Advanced on a Mac If it makes any difference. Any help or pointers to reference material to support this would be appreciated.