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How do I  Distribute FMP runtime solutions to Mac and PC from Mac ?

Question asked by pedrotango on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2017 by ucharles

I have developed applications on my iMac which I can distribute to another Mac using FMP Advanced V14 ok but cannot see how to do the same for a PC.

The FMP help says "The FileMaker Pro Advanced CD contains the installers for both the Windows and the Mac operating system."

I have the downloaded package (not a CD), installed FMP Advanced V14 and cannot see anything that allows me to create a PC version.

Do I have to buy and install FMP Adv on BOTH my Mac and a PC to create the RTS for  PC ?


Also , When I execute the app RUNTIME in FMP(A) folder - it says it is missing DEBUG.

Any suggestions/ help out there folks ?

Thanks Heaps .