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      I checked with the hotel and they have no internet jacks in the rooms, just wifi. How is the wifi there?


      If we have to access an Amazon server somewhere out on the WAN in order to work on our project, how will we know that we will be able to access it when we need it? I am really tempted to being a Mac Mini with FMS on it and a switch to plug into when we get together. Can we really rely on the wifi? What about the rooms you set up: do they have jacks or are we going to be fighting for the wifi?


      I really do not like wifi in hotels. (Or anywhere public for that matter.) Can you tell?


      Assuage my fears, Mark.


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          I'm leery of public wi-fi too but I don't have an ethernet port so I don't have much choice anyway. There are ethernet jacks in my room (including one in the closet, inexplicably) but couldn't tell you if they're active.


          At any rate, I'm currently connected over VPN to a client machine in Toronto and running reports like nobody's business. Speed is good, at least at 7:47pm local time.

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            From my hotel room, on wifi, from www.speedtest.net, I got these numbers:


            32ms ping

            63.46 Mbps download

            9.53 Mbps upload


            Hope that helps.



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                It seems to be good for now. We will see what it's like with 1500 FileMaker developers online at the same time tomorrow. But I don't remember having any major problems last year, if that helps.

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                  9.3 by 9 right now

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                    Yeah, I'm concerned about this too, but it's look like wifi is what we've got -- and as people have noted, it seems to be working reasonably well.


                    Make sure you're scheduling backups frequently. Very frequently.


                    I am talking to Shari about whether we can set up an ethernet router in Ask The Experts or another room.


                    Cheers --