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Filemaker 15 taking long time to open remote files in Windows 10

Question asked by RobertMullin on Jul 18, 2016

Until about a week ago all was fine.  Now, on my remote computer, it is taking 5 minutes or so to find and open a file from the host computer.  Both are running Windows 10.  I've disabled the antivirus software on both computers but that doesn't help.  Another remote computer (also running Windows 10) is not having the same problem (files open in 1-2 seconds as always). 


Today, on the troubled remote computer, after opening 2 files and waiting to open a 3rd file, Filemaker put up a message that I had exceeded the number of licenses (which I hadn't) and then ended the program.


All other networking is working fine on this machine.


Any ideas what may be wrong?