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    Legacy License versus Filemaker for Teams


      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to Filemaker and i just would like to understand what is the difference between Legacy License and Filemaker for Teams. I also would like to know which is better for a small team of about 10 users.

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          Bautista. Welcome to the world of FileMaker.


          Legacy Licenses refer to the way Licenses were managed before FileMaker 15. Each copy of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced included a License to connect to FileMaker Server. To connect using FileMaker Go, WebDirect or CWP, only once license was included with FileMaker Server, and you needed to buy additional licenses in pack of 5. For those customers with Legacy licenses, they can continue with this licensing method for three years.


          With new Licensing called FileMaker Licensing for teams, you don't necessarily need to buy FileMaker Pro anymore for PC or Mac users. If you own some FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced, they still provides a license to connect to FileMaker Server 15. I say don't necessarily, because when you go for Licensing for teams, you get a link a to download for free FileMaker Pro (for user connection). This is the same software, feature wise, than FileMaker Pro, except that it needs to contact FileMaker Server 15 to get a License.


          So mainly, the difference between Legacy Licensing and Licensing for teams is in the way you 'buy things':


          • if you go with Legacy Licensing you have to buy FileMaker Pro and/or FileMaker Pro Advanced for PC users. For the price you get a License.
          • if you go with License for Teams, the client is free, but you need to buy a license.
          • in both cases, you need to buy licenses for FileMaker Go, CWP and WebDirect.


          With FileMaker Pro and Pro Advanced, you need to buy updates, with Licensing for teams... we dont know yet (I must say I don't know), my guess is that you would upgrade the licenses you bought.


          NOTE: regarding FileMaker Pro Advanced, you still need to buy this one for developers, there is no FileMaker Pro Advanced (for user connection).


          If you are a new customer, you better go with Licensing for teams, because in a few years, that will be the only way to go, unless something new comes in.


          Hope I answered more questions that I made new one coming to your mind .

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            There are some inaccuracies with this, such as CWP (Custom Web Publishing) doesn't require licenses - Server 15 support up to 2000 simultaneous connections that way.... The licensing is confusing though!


            This YouTube clip from Richard Carlton might help illustrate what FileMaker Licensing for Teams is all about: Understanding FileMaker's Licensing - FLT Buffet | FileMaker Pro 15 Videos | FileMaker 15 Training - YouTube

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              There are some inaccuracies with this, such as CWP (Custom Web Publishing) doesn't require licenses...


              Well, yes and no. I will get back to this.


              The main difference between Legacy Licensing and Licensing for teams is:


              • With Legacy Licensing, you buy concurrent connections. For example, if you have 10 connections, then a maximum of 10 users at any time may be connected, whoever (the users) they are. The first 10 to connect can open a file.
              • With Licensing for teams, you buy user connections. That is, if 20 users (physical persons) needs to use FileMaker, the you need to buy 20 connections, event though no more than 10 would be connected at a time. One user may connect only once, whatever connection type.


              I can't tell how a user is connected to a connection (hum ), but my guess would be that connections are paired with accounts.


              Now back to CWP, it's a different animal, because it's a web site connected to an FM server. Many users may have a session with the Web site, but that requires a single connection to the FM server.


              It is quite true that this new licensing is very confusing. About a month and a half ago, I discussed with someone from FileMaker Inc. This guy told me that even inside, a lot of people are confused.


              A lot of people complains about the user connections, but that's the way others work. Take for example SAP Business One: you buy an certain amount of licenses, and then you grant them to specific users accounts. For some years the same account could connect twice, not anymore.

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                One easy question to ask yourself is "Do I have anonymous users connecting via Webdirect/FileMaker GO?"

                If you do then the legacy concurrent licensing is likely the right choice.  The FLT licensing scheme is based around 1 license assigned to each user regardless of connection type.


                For example, if you have an online registration form used via webdirect then you want legacy licensing since the users are anonymous.


                Also note that FLT copies of FileMaker Pro need to connect to a server to validate licensing.  If your users need to use FileMaker Pro offline then they will need dedicated FileMaker Pro licenses.

                These dedicated licenses can also work with FLT but don't need to be counted in the FLT license count.


                For best clarification call FileMaker or a "FileMaker Business Alliance" member, they are awesome at working out the best licensing for you.

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                  Wow. I learned a lot there. Thanks guys.

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                    Best will depend on how you are going to use FM.


                    Will you have users connecting via WebDirect or FileMaker Go ( iOS app )?

                    How long are you planning on using FM?

                    What about the number of users? Will it be 10 users for a long time? Or will you have the potential to grow to 15, 20, 50 users over the next 5-10 years?


                    Legacy licensing may sound like it's going away...but that isn't necessarily true. It's just the type of licensing they have had. For an office that will use FM for 6+ years, and only needs to connect from FM Pro ( from a desktop or laptop ), and can afford the upfront cost... VLA w/maintenance is typically the most economical in the long run. 


                    If you are looking at a semi-stable, annual fee because you can't or don't want to swing the initial cost, and FM Pro will be the primary avenue to connect, AVLA can be a good option.


                    If your users will jump between FM Pro, FM Go and/or WebDirect on a regular basis...FTL is likely your best option.


                    There are obviously flavors of everything in between that may swing a decision one way or the other. But that's the general idea.