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    Multiple portals in a layout


      Hi All,

      I am trying to put multiple portals in a layout. The issue that I am having is when I create a portal record in 1 portal, it creates a portal row in the other portals as well.


      I have a layout with a field for a motel name. I then want a portal for each room where I can add guests names without affecting the other portal records.


      I created a table named "Distro"(Hotel) and tables "Distro Circuit Portal 1" and "Distro Circuit Portal 2"(Guests).

      Hope this makes sense.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Hi russk68 ,


          what you show in your screen shots are TOs, that is Table Occurrences. A table Occurrence is not a table containing data, just a representation (alias) to a table made of fields and containing data.


          For example TO Distro and TO Distro 2 both represents the same table, that is Distro.  Regarding TOs Distro Circuit Portal 1 and TO Distro Circuit Portal 2, my guess is that they are 'pointing' to the same table, then they will display the same data.


          What I don't get is how you can add two Portals on the same Layout (based on Distro Circuit Portal 1 and Distro Circuit Portal 2 I guess), since:


          • a Layout is based on a single TO
          • there is only one TO related to either Distro and Distro 2


          One thing is for sure, if you put two Portals on a Layout based on the same table, you will get the same data displayed.

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            Hi there,

            Thank you for replying!

            I do understand the difference between a Table and a TO. The "Distro Circuit Portal" 1 & 2 are pointing to 2 separate tables and are not duplicates. I'm a novice to FMP but I'm thinking that a layout can have 2 or more portals with no relation to each other.

            I appreciate your input!

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              the two portals don't have to be related together, but both of them have to be related to the TO on which the Layout is based. I don't get, based on your screen shot, how you can put the two portals Distro Circuit Portal 1 and 2 on the same Layout since they are related to two different TOs. And strangely they seem to be related to two tables with identical structure.


              I think your structure is wrong. In my opinion, you need at least three tables:


              • one for Motel names
              • one for Room numbers
              • and a join table between Motel and Room


              And you would need a fourth table for Guests, related to the join table. Does that makes sense ?

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                I'm pretty sure my structure is wrong. I'll check this out tonight and let this sink into my head.

                I'll let you know how it goes.

                Thank you very much!