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    Trial user with a question about relationships


      My wife and I are (starving) artists and we have a Filemaker Trial underway to see if this DB application will work for us in managing our artwork  and art show data.  At this point, I have a really basic question that will help me to understand if what we want to do is feasible.


      Assume that we have two tables: 1 - a spreadsheet of all of the current work that is available for sale, 2 - a spreadsheet that is all of the data pertaining to the art shows that we do (Show Name City, State, Year. Items Sold, etc.)


      In the artwork table, fields would include title, dimensions, edition, etc. (something like the attached based on the simple Inventory solution).  We would also want it to indicate what "happened" (status) for each edition for a given piece.  (e.g. sold, still available, in a gallery, etc.)


      If a piece is sold, we would want to complete a field in the artwork table that would have the show name (selected from the show table) where the piece was sold and would also want to have the item that was sold filled in on the show table as part of a list of sales for that particular show.


      My question:  is it possible to index two tables like this where the items being linked are not ID numbers or customer names?  I'm happy to dig in and figure out how to implement this if it is possible but with a short trial, I don't want to spend a lot of time only to find out that it can't be done.  (This is my first foray into databases so I don't really know much at all!) Hope this makes some sense.


      Thanks, Bill

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          Something that "links" must be unique in the one table(called a Primary key) to the other table (called the Foreign key). We like to use numbers or UUID (unique) so that in the event the other field is NOT unique, there is no confusion in the relationship.


          If you artwork has unique name then it can be used for a relationship. If your show has a unique name (probably a location and date), then it can be used for a relationship.



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            Thanks Beverly.  That makes sense.  Just to make sure I understand - if I have a uniquely named piece (e.g., Turtle #2) and it is available in 50 editions/prints would I be able to link each edition to a unique show.  For example, I might sell Edition #1 at show ABC in 2016 but sell Edition #2 at show XYZ in 2017.

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              the good news:

              what you want to achieve is possible with filemaker.



              the bad news:

              modelling the data is indeed a challenge. I always ask my customers "what is your atom" ?

              In your case the atom is a single piece of work, belonging to an edition, exposed to a specific exhibit, belonging to a named family (turtle #2) and so on, but it must have a unique ID in order to track it down to its details, like to whom it was sold, when, for how much, etc.