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FMGo 15 Crashes on one iPad but not on another, constantly.

Question asked by ScottBleackley on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by tsplatypus

trying to track down this issue by testing multiple machines.


I have in hand, one iPad that crashes and one that does not.

This happens with iOS 9.3.2 ( 13F69 ) and 9.3.3 (13G34) on both iPads

both using FileMaker Go 15


Works on this iPad ( and on Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 on OS X )

iPad Air 2 WiFi, Cellular 95 GB available version 9.3.3 (13G34)
model number MGWM2CL/A


Crashes right out of FMGo 15 to desktop

iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 3.3 GB available version 9.3.3 (13G34)

Model number MD535C/


Testing by copying the database from  
iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular that crashes

to iPad Air 2 WiFi, Cellular that does not crash and running the same test.

Same iOS, same FMGo 15, same database: different behaviour.


Test is running a sync process, with no new records, using FM EasySync 1.3

  • EasySync is go for launch
  • Requesting Payload from Server
     • Crash to desktop in  
iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular

     • Syncs to completion on iPad Air 2 WiFi, Cellular


Additional testing install FM_Surveys sample app for FM EasySync, Mobile and Hosted databases
• run sync process with no new records
• runs fine on both iPad, no crash.