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Losing current record on creating new related record

Question asked by ykoutroulis on Jul 18, 2016



I am using this script to create a new related record (table B) under the current record (table A). If there are no existing records, the msgbox will popup and ask the user to create one.


My problem is that when I hit on a return button on the new form without doing any other action (hitting buttons, adding content in fields etc) when the previous form comes up, it is empty and the record I was on is lost and I have to find it again. If I click on buttons or add content to the fields or even delete the record (from table B) when I hit the return button, it takes me to the active record I came from. Additionally when I try to start the navigation from the initial form it seems there is some find left active as the following msg comes up.



When a record already exists, it will display it and the return button works fine and displays the last active record on the previous form.


On the second form I also have a portal (in case it makes a difference)


can you please help? thank you