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Comparing number vs. comma separated values

Question asked by ykoutroulis on Jul 18, 2016
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I am trying to do some conditional formatting and I want to compare a field on each row (numeric field) and Identify it within a comma separated text.


I am using the following command:


not IsEmpty (FilterValues (ExecuteSQL("Select DAILY_MEAL_ID from Diet_Meals_Assoc2 where DIET_ID = ? ";"";","; $$CURRENT_DIET_ID); Self ))


Basically I want to be able to identify a specific number if it exists in the comma separated text. For example I want to identify 853 in "853,3435,2345,45465". I am looking for an exact match though (meaning identifying 853 in "8534,3948,1312" is not good also.


The comma separated text comes from ExecuteSQL command so the delimiter can be changed.


I am looking for the equivalent of: if varX in (val1,val2,val3 etc) functionality


thank you