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Hourglass with subscript esc

Question asked by ron.harris on Jul 18, 2016
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Hello Experts,

As I have said many times, I am new to FileMaker.  I'm progressing along very well with my FMP15A code development.  My scripts are working well...well, I do have an issue that I have exhausted myself trying to solve.


I originally created my source data set from an ODBC SQL Views.  It was the easiest way for me to get all of my calculated fields, joins, filters, and aggregates.  It also allowed me to easily create all of my layouts too.  Now I am creating the same solution using ODBC SQL Tables; doing all of my calculated fields, aggregates, and such in FMP15A (re-using my layouts though).


Everything has gone swimmingly until I got to filtering my data ("the Where Clause") in a layout.  I added the script step Perform Find and am using a variable for my criteria.  The results returned are correct.  The issue is when I change to my filtered layouts an hourglass cursor appears with a subscript esc.  I press the Escape key and the layout correctly displays the filtered results.  I have tried adding a commit Records/Requests step following the Perform Find step; it didn't help.  How can I have the layout return the results without my having to press the Escape key?


I hope this hourglass esc cursor has been experienced by others.


With much appreciation and anticipation,


Ron Harris