FM15 - Emailing script random error -1

Discussion created by markpelleymounter on Jul 19, 2016
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Hi all,


We have recently updated to FM15 running off FMS15, and the users are all using Windows 10 with Outlook 2013.


Most users are fine, but one particular users get the above error-1 when trying to send a scripted email.


The script used to save a pdf to a shared network drive, create an email with message text and email address populated from the record and then attach the pdf to email.


The affected user may be able to succesfully run the script three or four times then the next time the error occurs and they have to shut down both FileMaker and Outlook before restarting them to be able to perform the script properly again fro a few times.


ALL USERS have been updated to 64bit Outlook (we un-installed the old 32bit version when we updated everyone to FM15 64 bit)


I have even changed to script to create the pdf on the users' desktops to see if it was a network speed/latency issue when created then grabbing the file.


The error occurs AFTER the pdf is created and at the point of creating the email.


As I say, this only occurs (so far) on one particular user out of a half doxen users who perform the script.


I do not want to go down the smtp route as we need the sent email/attachement in the user's Outlook sent items.


Any suggestions as to what to try next to try and correct this error?


Many thanks in anticipation of your help/suggestions.