Can you take a look at my DB?

Discussion created by vvkozmenko on Jul 19, 2016
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I have a simple database that consists of the three tables: (1) Standardized Patients, (2) Event, and (3) Scenario. I have connected them with a join table.


Standardized Patients are actors that portray some medical conditions.


OSCE - this is an event that has Standardized Patients portraying some medical Conditions (Scenarios).


Scenario is a script for the SP.


In the join table I tried to create a simple connection among all three tables.


I am a little bit confused on how to optimize data entry into the join table so that it looks up the name of the existing Standardized Patients and Scenarios. This must be something very simple but I've got stuck there.


Would someone be able to take a look at the DB that I am attaching and guide me in the right direction?


Thank you in advance.