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    Filemaker Go 15 and Windows PC


      I am working on a solution for a customer that runs Windows.  I would like to use an iPad with this solution so I turned on Network file sharing but the iPad does not see the file.  It does see the Host but when I tap on the Host, the app says that no files are found.  I am running Filemaker Pro 15 and Filemaker Go 15.  What am I doing wrong?

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          Do you have at least one account with the "fmapp" extended privilege assigned to it?

          In the sharing settings, on the right there is also a choice to show it to what users.  Make sure it is set to "all users"

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            The file has to be open with file sharing on turn on.  Verify your security setting. 


            About accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges


            Opening files as the host

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              I verified I am using the Admin account which has “fmapp” extended privilege assigned to it.  I had already chosen ‘All User’ in the Sharing dialogue.  I still get the no files response.  I tried setting up the Host in Filemaker Go by using the IP address displayed in the Sharing dialogue but this too failed to show the app.



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                Do you by any chance have another version of FileMaker Pro opened? If yes this will cause problems when trying to connect. 

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                  I had the same problem.  As for my situation, there is an external IP specifically for FM GO and it was reporting the same as you have stated.  It was either a firewall issue or a port issue, I don't quite recall.  Ports 80, 443, 5003 need to be open and if they are, check your firewall.  FMGO works very well.


                  I hope this helps.


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                    I am running Avast’s Firewall and I checked and it has rules for Filemaker which open the ports you suggested.  I still don’t see the file in FM GO.  Any additional thoughts?




                        Greg Wendt

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                      Hi Greg


                      Suggest you temporarily switch off the Avast firewall and check the built in Windows one isn't enabled as well to totally eliminate the firewall issue.


                      If that doesn't work, did you install Bonjour with FileMaker in the PC? If not, create a favourites host in FikeMaker Go pointed to the IP address of the PC (as you already have but with the firewall off and FileMaker running). If you have another copy of FileMaker on another computer on the network, see whether this can access the shared file.


                      Check the wifi is on the same network range as the PC.


                      If it works, look for specific 5003 port being open in both inbound and outbound rules within the Avast firewall, rather than just the app.


                      If all that fails, revert back to the advice Wim has given you and check sharing is enabled for FileMaker Go.



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                        I have seen several times over the years with various programs including windows that an option is set to what should be the right setting but not working, and to fix it had change the setting to a different option and save it quit the program restart it then change it to what is suppose to be and restart(reboot) to get it to work.

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                          Hi Andy,


                          All is well when I turn off Avast’s Firewall.  I tried altering the application Rules for the firewall without any success.  I set Filemaker’s rule to all ports in and out but it still didn’t work.  Looking at the Firewall Log it is Port 5003 inbound that is the problem.  Any thoughts???





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                            Hi Greg


                            I don't know the Avast firewall software, but have had so many problems with all versions of 3rd party firewalls over the years.


                            If you can find where to set the actual port inbound and outbound rules within Avast, rather than settings for the actual application, just ensure port 5003 is allowed in and out, then this should work.


                            Good luck