Trying to link Serial Number from Contact Tab to Serial Number Search Tab

Discussion created by GJ1159 on Jul 19, 2016
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Ok, so we use Filemaker to store all our customer data such as address, name, serial number for software ect. This database was made by a previous employee, and I can NOT for the life of me figure out how to link 2 sections together due to the mess that was caused in the creation of the DB. I have been through videos, and come to find that it's maybe a missing table that's the culprit to the issue I am having, so I figured I'd reach out for some assistance from FM community.


Quick Breakdown:


In our database, we have a few different tabs such as Resellers, Contacts, Serial Numbers, Purchase Orders, and Invoices.


Customer Tab- Captures all the basic customer info, but I also added a field for when importing a CSV file of new customers, it captures any serial number they may have that is not already in the system, so this is a new field.


Serial Number Tab- This tab you can execute a search using a serial number that a customer has, and it will pull up the result of who owns that serial number. The way this is linked, is a PO (Purchase Order) has to be created, and there is a Serial Number Line Item place holder, when a serial number is sold, it is put in this field so it's linked to the PO. So when going to the Serial Number Search tab, it pulls the information from the PO and shows the user who purchased it or the reseller it was sold to, ect.


What I am looking to do is ALSO have it not only search from PO's, but also search from the Customer tab...I can't figure out how to make the relationship without having to make a PO when importing a CSV file in which has hundreds of records on it.


If anyone can help that would be AWESOME! I will attach a clone copy of my exact database, it has 2 dummy records. 1 that is linked by a PO and 1  that is not linked.


If someone can help with figuring out how to link the Serial Number field on the Contacts page to the Serial Number tab, so that a specific serial number that was not made into a PO will show up in the search, that would be of MASSIVE help to me.




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