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Layout objects width is correct in the inspector but showing 1pt wider in the layout

Question asked by Eric Whittaker Jr on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by keywords

Hey everyone,

I am really curious if anyone else is able to replicate this issue or has experienced this for themselves.


The issue is I will make a rectangle layout object and set its left position to 200, the top position to 100, and width is 100 and height of 50 with no border.

I will then make a line layout object and set the left position to 200, the top position to 99, and I will set the width to 100.


I expect that line object would line up with the right position of the rectangle but instead, what I get is the line is 1pt wider than the rectangle.


This also seems to affect the dynamic layout guides and will not center as expected. What I mean by that is if I was to try and correct this by making the line object 99pt wide then the dynamic layout guides can't center because the math of centering 2 objects one being 99pt wide and the other 100pt wide can't work.


This is a major frustration and not sure what causes or if there might be a workaround the community knows that I do not. I have already called FM Support and they replicated the issue and said all they could do was submit a ticket for the developers to fix (whenever that may be....). So in all it would be great to see if others have this issue if there is a workaround, also if someone who is using FM15 could check this out and see if you could replicate this or if it may have been fixed that would be great!


I am using FM 14.0.6

FM: 14.0.6

Theme: I have experienced this on the Light theme and the Enlightened theme. So far it seems to not be related to themes.

Mac: MacBook Pro 2015 running El Capitan 10.11.5


Let me know if there is any other info that I can provide.



Thanks in advance!