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Finding record from within portal

Question asked by ElisabethAnderson on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by PeterCortiel

From within a portal, I'd like to set up a script. When a button is pressed, this will lead to a full, expanded record. Attached is a snapshot of a couple lines from the portal. The search will look for the single record with 2 criteria:


-individual's name

-that particular award which that particular individual was awarded


I got the script to pull up ALL the awards for the correct individual. But I need the script to isolate out just the one award for that button. Help, please?! Here's what the script reads so far:


Set Variable [$idFaculty; Value: Faculty::_pk_faculty]

Go to Layout ["Nominations" (Nominations)]

Enter Find Mode

Set Field [Nominations::_fk_Faculty; $idFaculty]

Set Field []

Perform Find[]

View As [View as Form]


I've bolded the script step where I think my problem is. Thank you!