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    When I upgrade to Filemaker 15


      One of my file that is using a portal is not visible , what can I do that the portal find it

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          What version are you upgrading from?

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            You might also want to describe in more detail what you mean by "It's not visible". As Vaughan has suggested, it could be that the version you are upgrading is a number of versions old and too old to upgrade in one step--though there are still ways to convert your file.


            But other possibilities can't be ruled out due to your brief description of the problem.

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              Markus Schneider

              - are You running FM server?

              -- has that file username & password (server 15 wants that)

              - can You open that file by double-clicking?


              and yes... what version..


              and, btw: I'm really happy to find an anwer from Phil!! Welcome back!

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                "When I upgrade to FileMaker 15" philmodjunk makes his return to make it easier for you and everyone else. This thread was just marked with a five star rating. Welcome back!

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                  One similar thing I experienced when upgrading to 15 from 14 was that one of my portals had items in it that were positioned slightly too low to be displayed in rows two and greater. I had to nudge them up a couple times and then all was well. If this seems relevant to your situation, you might try repositioning items to make sure they fit entirely within the row. This was a bigger issue a few upgrades back -- I forget which one.  It used to be that if the top of an item was in the row, the item could extend below and it would still display in all rows. Now if it extends below the row, it appears only in the first row of the portal. At least that's been my experience. This may be relevant to what you're experiencing, though as others have said, it's not exactly clear what you mean by "portal is not visible."

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                    Well my previous involvement had become such a major obsession that I had to take a break to get some perspective.


                    Then, once I was out, it was hard to jump back in.


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