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Charting Multiple data for one Customer

Question asked by jables1 on Jul 20, 2016

I have a database in which a customer has three efficiency ratings for each month of the year. So each customer will have 36 pieces of data that needs to populate one chart. I have separated these fields "HighEfficiency, LowEfficiency, CustomerEfficiency" and what I would like, is for the chart to change for each customer (each customer has different data). I set up my customer table (Customer info), an efficiency table (High, Low, and customer efficiency ratings), and a months table (months January- December).  I have provided a screenshot to show how I linked these three tables together.


1)In what way do I need to link my tables so that the chart can read the data correctly, In my screenshot did I do it correctly?

2) I tried using the executeSQL function, however it does not work. I want to have all 3 ratings on the bar graph, and have it for each month Jan-Dec. At this point I am stuck, and the result of my charts are not turning out the way I need them to. Is there a proper way to go about this?