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FMS14, Web Direct: external datasource/ghost-T.O. = <file missing>

Question asked by justinc on Jul 20, 2016
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I'm having a strange issue with a Web Direct workflow.  I have a multi-file solution hosted on FMS14.04.  This workflow copies some data between the two files, reading IDs from one to the other to ensure things line up, etc.  For simplicity, FileA has an external Datasource defined to FileB.  FileA has numerous ghost table T.O.s on the graph that point at tables from this external datasource.


But the WD layout (based on a table in FileA) that starts this process shows "<file missing>" when trying to show data from a ghost-table T.O. pointed at the external datasource.  This same layout has no troubles displaying data from the ghost T.O. when viewed in FM Client.


Yes, my account has "fmwebdirect" extended privilege set on both files.  The curious thing is that there's a button script from this layout that ends up calling a script in that external datasource file (just uses regular FM "perform script [file=FileB; "Some Script"] to do it).  That script activation works fine:  FileB opens, it goes to a layout based on a table in FileB, and shows data from it.


So why can't I use a ghost table via that external datasource to retrieve data?