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FM 15 ADV - Constrain not constraining.

Question asked by synergy46 on Jul 23, 2016
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I have produced the above sub-summary report. 

I have designated into 2 global fields a start and end date by which I want to 'find'

the applicable records.  (NOTICE: Mcquiston and Hall both meet the criteria --  Dates in 2012)

Here is the script:


After the report runs, this is what shows:


Below:  Follis shows because his DES:: table has 3 entries and the earliest entry is dated 7-18-2012.  But, when I execute the GTRR, his top record (Deceased) shows.  Follis shouldn't be on this report at all!


So, the question is:  "How do I apply date filters to my report while allowing the GTRR to select the earliest DES::Status?"