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    FM 15 ADV - Constrain not constraining.



      I have produced the above sub-summary report. 

      I have designated into 2 global fields a start and end date by which I want to 'find'

      the applicable records.  (NOTICE: Mcquiston and Hall both meet the criteria --  Dates in 2012)

      Here is the script:


      After the report runs, this is what shows:


      Below:  Follis shows because his DES:: table has 3 entries and the earliest entry is dated 7-18-2012.  But, when I execute the GTRR, his top record (Deceased) shows.  Follis shouldn't be on this report at all!


      So, the question is:  "How do I apply date filters to my report while allowing the GTRR to select the earliest DES::Status?"



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          It's hard to say when you don't show what criteria was used in the constrain, but It looks to me that you need to use GTRR before the constrain.


          Use GTRR to get all related records, then constrain to get just the category specified.


          But it is likely that what you want can be produced without use of a summary report if you stay on the first layout but filter either the relationship or the portal to get just the most recent record of the desired category.

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            your perform find and constrain find both are restoring a find, so you might want to check what the criteria is for both of these ( I can see one in the screen grab, but I don't know what the other is)... but my bigger question is, why are they separate ? You could put multiple criteria in the one search, right?


            What I usually do is to break the searching in to literal steps, like :

            Enter Find Mode

            Set field <field> = [$_Variable]

            perform find


            this way, I can see what's going on with the searching when I debug.

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              Thanks Phil for the reply.

              If I put the GTRR *between* the FIND and the CONSTRAIN it works as expected.

              If I put the GTRR 'above' or 'after' the FIND and CONSTRAIN it fails.


              Can you provide some narrative about what is going on? 


              Thanks again

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                The other relationship is PK==>>FK.  (Just like in the diagram)